12.7 m2
Complete set
Wall set Seasoned profiled joist 44//70x140mm
Foundation joist Joist 92x142mm
Columns Joist 90x90 mm (if provided by the project)
Floor Matchboard 34х140мм
Terrace Terrace board 34x90mm (if provided by the project)
Roof decking Matchboard 20х140мм
Windproof plank Plank 20x90mm
Baseboard Plank 20x50mm
Wire products Self-driving screws
Doors Glued wood
Windows Glued wood
Installation instruction Complete with
Packing Complete with

Options for cross-sections of beam

Dry wood

  • 90х140
  • 28х140
  • 44х140
  • 70х140
  • 140х140
  • 180х180

Laminated wood

  • 90х140
  • 160х140
  • 160х180
  • 200х180

Just ask us, we will be happy to advice!

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